Well what a great weekend we had on the 30th and 31st August.  The horses and riders arrived on the Friday evening and we all headed down to the pub for supper.  What better way to start the weekend.  Helen had organised our weekend to the minute and we were always busy with something.  Helen gave an individual lesson to everyone each morning in preparation for our dressage test that we were to do on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday morning we went as groups to see Tim Piper, who had worked for several years as rider to Monty Roberts, demonstrated Join Up and talked on how he handled youngsters and troubled horses.  The afternoon we divided into our groups for a lesson from Nina Venables, a para equestrian dressage coach, who got us to concentrate on our positions with amazing results.

On Sunday morning we were having an individual lesson with Helen or attending a talk on dressage test advice from the dressage judge who was going to judge our tests in the aftrnoon.

We all had a brilliant time, improved our riding self-awareness, exchanged ideas and said nice things about each others horses so everybody was happy.